Culture & Events

Heeg is the center for fun activities

Culture & Events

Heeg is not only famous for its water sports but also has many fun and entertaining events throughout the Spring/Summer. Heechspanning interactive street theatre is held on Ascension Day. Famous locally, on this day the village becomes one big party, bursting with street theatre, dance and music. The Heechersimmerfestival (summer festival) is also not to be missed.

Friesland is famous for its Frisan language, culture, delicacies, stunning nature reserve, water sports and ice skating. Explore centuries old cities full of monuments and surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Sneekweek which happens every year in August is the largest inland sailing event in Europe: the perfect combination of fun and sportsmanship. During the day there is fanatic sailing on the Sneekermeer, after that there is fun on the island and in the city. 

Skûtsjesilen is a unique experience. In Friesland skûtsjesilen (sailing with historical flat-bottom boats) is one of the top sailing events for tourism. Every year during July & August, there are 2 different championships (SKS, IFKS), where these stunning flat-bottomed boats race for the winning cup.

The Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour) is the biggest ice-skating tour in the world. Over fifteen thousand ice skaters defy the ice encouraged by hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic fans. The waterways between eleven cities form the 200 kilometer track of the Eleven Cities Tour.