Heeg is the center for fun activities


Heeg is the center for water sports. Local sailing schools offer courses for adults and children and there are many options for boat, and water sport rental. Why not try booking an adventure sailing on the old Frisian vessel (sk├╗tsjesilen) https://skutsjeverhuurhaghe.nl/ , or The Korneliske Ykes II https://www.palingaak.nl/ a reconstruction of an ancient eel barge. Hire a comfortable sloop (Dutch motorboat) to power around the lake, or catch the wind and race in a sailing boat. You can spend the day on the Heegermeer, sailing or motoring from Heeg to Woudsend to Sloten to Stavoren to Lemmer to Sneek, and many more.

For a quieter day on the water, enjoy a leisurely motor, sail, SUP or canoe along a unique stretch of unspoiled countryside. The Poelen area between Heeg, Gaastmeer and Oudega is a series of fens, narrow ditches and babbling streams amidst dense reed lands. The most important attractions of this area are nature, tranquillity and silence. The sailing route with small tunnels and passageways takes you past rich local bird life and stunning scenery.